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Thank you for looking for a used Donzi for sale on Calling All Boats! Let us help you find your favorite used boat. We have a huge database of affordable used power boats and sail boats, such as Donzi and many more. The 1960’s were rough-and-tumble times for offshore racing. V-bottom design and fiberglass boat building technology were still emerging, and grueling ocean courses that spanned hundreds of miles tested - and often bested - even the best drivers and boats. During his illustrious career, Aronow would create the legacies of Formula, Cigarette, and Magnum, but in 1964 he brought life to the company that would bear his nickname: Donzi. Donzi made its racing debut in November 1964 at the Miami to Key West race, where five Donzi racing prototypes were entered. In merciless six to eight foot seas that saw only 16 out of the 29-boat field finish the race, the Donzi boats took second, fourth, eighth, and 16th in the race. In 1965, Donzi was in full swing as orders began flying in from all over. From January through April, Donzi produced more than 80 of its famous 16-foot model, which had become known worldwide for its unmatched speed and soft ride. As a testament to the little Donzi’s killer reputation, the Israeli military ordered twelve to be used as remote-operated live artillery. Even the president was a Donzi customer. Lyndon B. Johnson’s favorite boat was the Sweet 16, and he caused no small amount of grief for the secret service agents trying to keep up with him out on the lake. In October of 1967, former Teleflex executives John and Tim Chisholm bought Donzi, freeing the company from the constraints of corporate bureaucracy. Under the two brother’s 17 year ownership, Donzi stayed small - operating with only a handful of employees. During this time frame, Donzi’s classic style was infused with a more “European” element. Models introduced during their stewardship included the Criterion and Corsican, models still lauded by enthusiasts today. In 1988, Donzi introduced the Ragazza series - its first ever full line of family bowriders. During 1990 and 1991, Donzi rolled out a number of new fishing boat models. Today with models ranging from 16ft to 43ft, Donzi produces a more diverse range of boats than at any prior point in it history. What’s more, each of today’s Donzis has been designed and is built with the company’s original mandate of outstanding performance, quality construction, and enduring style. If you want to purchase a used boat for sale by owner, you can't find a better place. To search the best used boats for sale, we have a dedicated Personal Agent to track all new used boat listings and keep you informed with detailed information matching your criteria for a used Donzi for sale. We can help you make informed decisions in buying used boats including power boats, sail boats, and personal water craft. Our assistance will help you find the best used Donzi available.
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